A Guard Tower

The Guard Tower is a unique building which can be placed anywhere on the landscape to give you an advanced warning of an Enemy attack. Any Follower placed inside the tower will sound a warning bell whenever an Enemy Follower approaches. You can then zoom to the Tower by pressing the Space Bar. Since the Guard Tower does not need to be constructed next to an existing building, it can also be used to begin a new settlement. Because of the height of the tower, any Follower placed inside has improved abilities. Shamans can fire spells further, Braves extend the look-out range, Warriors will call for help to defend the settlement, Firewarriors can fire further, Preachers can preach further and Spies can unmask Enemy Spies, and also hides all of your buildings and followers in its range from world view. Building the Guard Tower on top of high ground will extend these ranges even further.

  • They can make the spell range of the Shaman higher.
  • Preachers can preach at a higher range
  • Firewarriors can fire at people at long distances
  • They all alarm you if there are incomming enemies

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Higher Range
  • Alarms


  • Still Target
  • Can Collaspe by Land Changes
  • Uses 5 pieces of Wood plus Repairs

The LayoutEdit

Guard Towers are good when placed on hills and cliffs as it makes it twice as high and strong. Lots of towers in a line with Firewarriors in can easily blast enemy followers especially the enemy Shaman.


Camping can be done with towers. It is when you are keeping your Shaman in a high tower and killing the attacks but not attacking them. Although people don't like it as it brings no fun or is boring it can save your life but you must attack at some point or you will finally get broken into by your enemy