Huts are very useful for followers. The breeding and upgrade rate is dependent on the number of followers you have in it, the more followers you have the faster it gets, all in all a hut may upgrade twice and hold
150px-Huts large

A Large Hut

up to five followers. Firewarriors placed in huts may fire out of it when enemies approach and your shaman may cast spells while in the hut too.

When hovering over huts to see how many followers are in it, there's two bars on the left (green and red). The green bar indicates how much progress there is for creating another brave. The red bar indicates the progress on upgrading the hut to the next stage.


Sending a couple of firewarriors into a hut will allow them to be hidden to the enemy. This can help fire unexpected fireballs into the shaman to kill her on her attacks.

This is similar to the shaman when she is in a hut. However swarm can scare followers out and cause them to go out of control.

To kill a shaman that is in a hut by casting lightning on the hut then again on the exit of the hut.

Dismantle TrickEdit

The dismantle trick is used to quickly gain extra braves without having to wait for the period of time it takes to produce one automatically.

Manual UpgradeEdit

Manually upgrading is a fast way to upgrade your small huts to the next stage. You can manually upgrade a hut by commanding a brave to pick up wood and place it on the hut entrance. The red bar should increase a notch.