This is the second level in Populous where you face the Matak tribe for the first time in Single Player.

Starting SpeechEdit

150px-Night Falls

Level 2: Night Falls

"Now we must face the Matak Tribe. I sense many Warriors ready to stand against us. In my vision we are aided by magic from a Stone Head. There must be a way to reach it..."


The level consists of one large island with the player on the east side and the Matak on the west side. There is a hill separating the two sides of the island with an entrance on both sides, with a small lake in the centre. It is possible to reach the top of the hill from the Matak side. There is also a small patch of land off to the side of the starting settlement with a Stone Head containing the Tornado spell, which has three uses. The Totem Pole in the small valley between the two tribes will activate a Landbridge so the player can access the Stone Head. The Vault of Knowledge is halfway in the Matak settlement and is slightly guarded. The Matak begin with their entire settlement complete, bar the Shaman's Guard Tower. You begin with one empty Large Hut.


Begin by building a couple more huts and a Warrior Training Hut whilst your Shaman worships the Totem Pole. There is a Guard Tower with a Warrior inside so try not to stray too close, or reinforcements will be called from the nearby hut. The Totem Pole will open up a passage to the Stone Head. Haul two braves off from construction and obtain the three Tornado spells. Build up your settlement and get around 10 Warriors. Once you have them, begin your attack. Destroy the Guard Tower with your forces and not with your Tornado spells. Most of the Matak forces will attack you but some will stay on the other end of the settlement to continue guarding the Shaman's Guard Tower. When the forces are gone, destroy the other hut then obtain the

Swarm spell from the Vault of Knowledge. Destroy the two nearby huts with the Tornado spells. Once you get the Swarm spell, head to the Shaman's Guard Tower. Make sure your forces don't get too close or the Shaman will cast Swarm on them. Cast your own Swarm on the patrolling Warriors and Blast any that get too close. Then, use your final Tornado spell on the Shaman's Guard Tower. Hopefully, she will get thrown in the water to drown. Hunt down the last few Matak followers and the level will be complete.

Enemy tribes: Matak