== ==Populous 3 Online Multiplayer====

Populous Online is one of the best ways to experince Populous 3 with its divine multiplayer experience being more satisfying then playing single player. With many contributions populous can be still played online for free.

Populous Reincarnated is the main website where you can play populous online and it has their own matchmaker with players play online. The populous matchmaker was made by ALCAN (original admin of populous reincarnated).

Populous Resurrection is an alternative service to Populous Reincarnated, with different features and a less laggy game experience. It is an ongoing project of the Wildman Productions software development team.

How to play online

Here is a step by stop information on how to play populous online.

  1. go to the link above and go to the downloads section to download the populous matchmaker and patch 1.03
  2. Apply the patch to your bullfrog/populous folder and run the matchmaker
  3. Create an account at the website